About OCP Java 11 Professional Exam

Hi Friends, I’d like to share my insights for OCP Java 11 Professional Exam. Grab your coffee, lets get started.

I was thinking over how to write this post… And I came up with some questions that I would ask about the exam. So, let me answer those questions that you might also have in your mind.

1. How long does it take to fully prepare for OCP Java 11 Professional Exam?

It depends on your current Java knowledge, but that is not the only that. You should ask yourself, “how many hours can I spend to prepare this exam?”. For me, it took around 8 months. That is mostly because I got interrupted a lot during the preperation phase. You know, you can’t focus on one thing when life is going on. For a regular study program, I would say around 4 months in total.

2. Where did you study?

The only book I read is this one for OCP Java 11 Professional Exam. Beside that, I’ve purchased some mock exams from Udemy and I was able to reach some company internal mock exams too.

3. Taking OCP Java 11 Professional Certificate worth it?

My honest opinion? No. If my company didn’t wanted me to take this certificate, I’d not go for it. You see, nobody needs to be able to debug a code with their own eyes. Ofcourse you have to be able to read code, but this certificate is not the only way to prove it.

4. What are the things that you’ve realy learned about?

I can honestly say that now I am realy good with java streams. In addition to that, after reading a lot of different codes, It gives you the insight of how a bad code look like.

5. How did you study?

I’ve read the java book 2 times. On second run, I’ve focussed on the topics that has no real life usage. As instance the modules, or java.io or nio. Than, I directly start solving mock exams. Because, reading the theory is ok. But there are a lot of edge cases where you should remember. What I did is, I ‘ve failed alot to remember the edge cases. In total, I believe I’ve solved over 20 mock exams.

I am not saying that this is the best way to study, but this is how I achieved it. I took notes on the questions that seems hard or edge case theoretical ones.

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